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Be The Best Community C.I.C was founded in 2015 by Daniel Sukula who was inspired by the tremendous support his family received from the community of Bolton. In 2005, His family were issued with a deportation notice. The Home Office refused to grant the family asylum. The Sukula Family was one of the first families in the UK to have all benefits withdrawn under Section 9. The sole reason the family were granted asylum is because of the community. They stepped in like a family; they were present from the beginning until the end of the struggle. 

 As a young man who grew up in Bolton, Daniel seen some realities of life faced by young people, at a young age, He became very committed to football. The sport was not a mere hobby; it was rather the realisation of a dream. Unfortunately as a result of the lack of both guidance and encouragement, He embraced a different path. The path he embraced led him away from both his dream and education.


Indeed bad company corrupts good behaviour. At the time it seemed that he had two options. The first option was to wallow in his past and permit guilt, regret and anger to affect his future. The other option was to learn from his mistakes, share his experiences to inspire others and construct a better future. This option was to ensure that other young people did not make the same mistakes that he made. He understood that in accomplishing this, it will help inspire and change the life of many young people.

With the help of Tunde Olasupo,  world class professional dancer/actor  who has worked with many dance organisations such as Pineapple studio in London Covent Garden, East London Dance,  and Eckel dance company where he was given an opportunity to work with the world famous RnB star Chris Brown and Lemar

Daniel, CEO and Tunde, Project Manager devoted their time to help young people of Bolton to be the best they can be.

The name of the project is 'Be The Best', as self-explanatory, we want every young person to be outstanding, reaching their full potential. 

Our package is designed to improve the health and well-being of our youths by getting them to participate in sports and dance activities which will improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, promote social inclusion, improve health, counter anti-social behaviour, raise individual self-esteem and confidence, and widen horizons. 

Mission Statement

Our Mission


Encourage young people to be the best they can be by providing innovative activities, unique experiences and high-quality enterprise programmes. We understand the importance of supporting young people to meet their full potential while providing a safe place with friendly faces to talk to. We deliver services which include detached youth work, group and one to one mentoring to help them become valued members of the community.

“Be Inspired, Be Positive, Be Different, BE THE BEST.”

Our Vision


Identify the potential in young people, develop it and create opportunities to help them succeed in life. This in turn will enable our young people to have the opportunity to increase their skills, aspirations and confidence.

Our Value



True potential is achieved when we all demonstrate mutual respect trust and love for ourselves and each other. This value is true regardless of culture, ethnicity, or religion.

We believe in working with other organisations and individuals that share our goals and vision for young people. Through partnerships work it will help us to reach and inspire more young people to make positive lifestyle choices.

Our Founder & CEO Daniel Sukula speaks about the project on the Excellent Youth Show.

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