Working with youth crime, gangs & weapons

Concern about youth crime is on the increase, but remains surrounded by myths. While gangs may lead young people into dangerous situations and breed community division, distrust and fear, the friendship, support, security and sense of belonging they offer are often overlooked.  

This highly practical hands-on workshop is particularly suited to young people and staff who work with them to experience and practise a variety of creative action methods in group work to explore these complex issues.  

The workshop uses drama & theatre techniques in youth and education work as an active and exciting way of resolving conflict and making theatre around social issues. The workshop also offers effective interventions that work and demonstrates how young people can be engaged in a creative and challenging process that explores the costs, gains and consequences of the choices they make around crime, weapons and gang membership. 

We will carefully structure our knife crime workshops for maximum impact. Each session will be run by an experienced professional in presenting sensitive issues using role-play scenarios. Our workshops will also include a knife survivor and a family that have lost a loved one to a knife attack this will enable young people to understand the full effect of knife crimes.

These enjoyable, interactive activities are designed to achieve engagement with the participants and lead on to a group discussion about the issues raised. We will focus our attention on identifying solutions that can be used effectively in the real world and cover topics such as resisting peer pressure and negotiating compromising situations.

BTBC we believe that education about knife crime is an important part of any young people’s support programme, and is one of the key element in moving towards a situation of zero tolerance towards the carrying of knives.

Our Knife Crime Workshop Can Explore Any Of The Following Issues:

  • Why people carry knives 
  • Gang Culture & Dangers
  • What the law says about knife crime
  • The investigation of serious crime
  • The effects of knife crime
  • The Effect on Family and Friends
  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-control, respect and self-respect
  • Staying out of trouble
  • Tools for becoming a more responsible citizen
  • Saying ‘NO’ to carrying knives


  • Interventions to engage both those actively participating in high-risk activity and those at risk of joining.

  • To help young people’s view their actions through the eyes of others

  • To provide the skills and techniques to resolve potentially violent conflicts without the use of weapons or violence.

  • To help young people understand the consequences to stop them from having to pick up a knife as a choice of protection,

  • To safeguard the candidates against the potential threat of being injured by a knife in a confrontation.

  • To address the shocking realities of “drugs / street life” and destroy popular myths and misconceptions

  • To facilitate a change in thinking which will impact behaviour

  • To seek ways in improving the outcome of young people through education, employment and vocational certification.

  • To reinforce a positive value system within the candidates

  • To motivate and encourage the young people into seeking a greater purpose in life.

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