Volunteering & Mentoring


What does being a mentor involve?

Mentors meet up with the young person for a minimum of one hour per week, usually at a local café, park, bowling alley or other suitable location. The aim is to develop a supportive and trusting relationship that will encourage the individual’s natural development and help them overcome the challenges they’re facing.

It takes time to develop these relationships and build trust, so we ask new mentors to commit to the project for at least one year.

What support will I receive?

Before you start, we provide a series of training sessions to prepare you for becoming a mentor. You will then be assigned a mentoring coordinator to support both you and the young person for the duration of the match. You’ll receive a weekly call from your coordinator and meet up regularly to discuss your progress. If you’re interested in this challenging but highly rewarding role, find out how to Become a mentor. 



Volunteer for us

All our volunteers bring with them their own set of skills, talents, experiences and above all passion. 

Volunteering is not only about what you can give back to your community, but also what you get out of it, including develop new skills, build your confidence and make a difference

Volunteering is also fun, and you can choose to do the things that interest you, and meet new people in the process or volunteer with your friends. 

 If you would like to volunteer your time to support our young people please contact us